Committed Attorney Helping Fargo-Moorhead Residents Defend Against Theft Charges

Theft is probably society’s most commonly committed and prosecuted crime. As a crime category, theft can range from small infractions like stealing food from a grocery store to violently extorting cash from another person. North Dakota law recognizes that variety, and state courts judge each case by its size and seriousness in order to apply the right penalty as deterrence.


It’s important to understand the way North Dakota classifies different theft crimes in order to decide what degree of legal representation you may need.

Felony vs. Misdemeanor Theft

Felony theft is a serious offense with potentially significant penalties. A Class C Felony involves is defined by an amount over $1000 or the involvement of at least one vehicle, firearm, prescription drug, government or financial record, ammunition, explosives; or the rustling of even a single head of livestock. Class C penalties can carry as much as 5 years in prison and/or $5000 in fines. Class B felonies, which involve amounts over $10,000, or either a threat of either serious violence or a threat to commit further felonies. If you face any of these charges, it should be clear that it’s essential that you retain the type of quality legal help you’ll get with O’Day Law Office, PC.


But the potential consequences of misdemeanor theft shouldn’t be taken lightly. A Class A misdemeanor—which entails at least $250 in value or any fraud and embezzlement up to $500—can result in up to a year imprisonment and a maximum fine of $2,000 or both. Even the lowest theft charge, a Class B misdemeanor, can carry up to 30 days of imprisonment and up to $1,000. Although these seem like lighter penalties than felony theft, you have the right to access an attorney’s services to protect your rights—especially if you believe you’ve been wrongly accused of your misdemeanor theft charge.

Experience You Can Depend On—Knowledge You Can Rely On

Our firm brings over 30 years of trial and negotiation experience to the table when you enlist us to defend you against a theft charge. Whether you or a loved one is facing a misdemeanor or felony theft case, it pays off strategically to know what your options are in order to help protect your future and record.

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