Dedicated Attorney Offering Assault Defense for Fargo-Moorhead Metro Area Clients

Assault cases in Fargo require a comprehensive and effective defense strategy. If you or a loved one are facing this charge, it’s imperative that you get a criminal defense attorney who has the judgement and skill that can help get an outcome that can save you from some harsh punishment.

Don’t Let Your Life Be Defined By a Mistake

Making a mistake based on your emotions like assaulting someone can be a regrettable episode in your life. But the rest of your life shouldn’t be determined by an assault and/or battery charge. Like all citizens, you have legal rights that need to be preserved and defended, no matter the charge you’re facing. O’Day Law Office, PC will advocate assertively and intelligently in your defense. Whether you’re facing a misdemeanor or felony charge, we will scrutinize the specifics of your case and seek to minimize your penalty in as fair a way as possible.

Experience You Can Depend On—Knowledge That You Can Rely On

For many years, our firm has helped people charged with crimes get their due process and access the best legal help possible. If you or someone you love is confronting an assault charge, it’s essential that you get the kind of dependable, adept legal help that we offer on your side as soon as possible.

O’Day Law Office, PC provides capable assault defense services and strategy to Fargo-Moorhead residents. Call (701) 298-9326 for a free case evaluation.