Diligent Attorney Serving Fargo-Moorhead Clients On Their License Suspensions

If you’re a North Dakota resident with a state license who’s arrested on a Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) charge in Minnesota, you’ll receive notice that your driving privileges in Minnesota are revoked. And although you do have the legal right to a hearing to challenge the Minnesota revocation, your license will remain revoked in that state until the results of that hearing.

Interstate License Suspensions Are Complicated

Meanwhile, your driving privileges in North Dakota will also be immediately subject to suspension. That’s because as members of the Interstate Driver License Compact, Minnesota and North Dakota share drivers’ conduct histories, including DWI arrests. So if your Minnesota DWI charge is a first offense and you plead it down to 30 days, your conviction in that state could result in a license suspension of up to 91 days.


You may have your driving privileges reinstated after your suspension period, but to do so in each state you’ll need to pay a reinstatement fee that could add up to a few hundred dollars. You may also be required to obtain higher-risk Insurance through your insurance provider, get a tested evaluation of your chemical- or alcohol-dependency status, and/or take a DWI Knowledge Test at your local DMV. In a situation like this, you more than likely can’t get your driving privileges reinstated in one state without having them reinstated in the other.

Experience You Can Depend On—Knowledge You Can Rely On

A license suspension in the Fargo-Moorhead metro area can be an interstate bureaucratic nightmare, especially if you drive for a living. You may be able to successfully challenge a license revocation in the next state and preserve your driving privileges in your home state. But you need the type of seasoned legal help you get when you contact O’Day Law Office, PC.

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