Hardworking DUI Defense Attorney Serving Clients in the Fargo-Moorhead Metro Area

If you’re facing a driving under the influence (DUI) charge in the Fargo-Moorhead metro area, it’s imperative that you get a competent attorney to help build your defensive game plan. With two decades of experience defending DUI cases for Fargo clients, O’Day Law Office, PC is dedicated to protecting client rights.

DUI: Not Always an Open-and-Shut Case

It may seem that DUI charges are always straightforward—but they actually almost never are. There are many potential legal loopholes for the initial part of a DUI detainment—from the time you’re pulled over through to the chemical test. A skilled criminal defense attorney can spot and possibly use those loopholes in your defense. With that said, you should never refuse to take a breathalyzer or blood test, because according to North Dakota law, doing so will result in an automatic license revocation. But it’s essential that you request a hearing so that you can address all of the potential issues with your detainment and test. O’Day Law Office, PC can represent you for that hearing and increase your chances of a better outcome.

Experience You Can Depend On—Knowledge You Can Rely On

O’Day Law Office, PC has represented Fargo residents since it first opened 30 years ago. We offer effective, realistic strategies, customized to your unique case and pursued by a fully committed lawyer who’s highly knowledgable about North Dakota’s DUI laws. Call us today to schedule a free case evaluation.

For nearly three decades, O’Day Law Office, PC has proudly offered quality, effective DUI defense to Fargo-Moorhead metro area residents. If you’re contending with a DUI-related case, call (701) 298-9326 to get a free case evaluation.