Hardworking Attorney Offering Services to Fargo-Moorhead Clients Charged With Sex Offenses

Sex-related offenses in North Dakota are defined by the North Dakota Century Code. They can range from misdemeanors to full felonies, with prison sentences that can vary from less than a year in jail to life imprisonment. Prosecutors charge a sex offense as a felony or a misdemeanor based on the specific factors of the case. These factors can include anything from the age difference between the parties, to whether an organization’s hazing or initiation rituals were involved.

Sex Offenders Required to Register With the State

People convicted of sex offenses usually need to register with the state in accordance with both federal and state law requires. North Dakota maintains a sex-offender registry that’s available to the public. The Attorney General’s Office determines how long offenders stay on the list based on a risk level that it assigns to each offender. Registered offenders must update local law enforcement agencies on their status and whereabouts every 30 or 90 days.

Restrictions on Sex Offenders

High-risk sex offenders deemed are not allowed to live near schools, parks, or daycare facilities, and no offenders are allowed to be on school property. By law, employers are able consider sex offender registration status when they consider hiring, and landlords are allowed to decline to rent to registered offenders.

Complexities of Sex Offense Cases

Sex crime laws are complex and the cases become full of very important small details. From the charges filed through trial time and into the statute of limitations process, these small details can be crucial in how serious the charges become and how they can affect the offender in the long term.


At O’Day Law Offices, PC, we utilize over 30 years of criminal defense trial experience to assertively represent our clients as soon as we’re hired in order to make sure each client gets the presumption of innocence to which every citizen’s entitled. Because sex offense charges are sometimes brought with very little evidence, we’re here to make sure that the state makes good on its burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. We make sure to closely scrutinize state’s evidence during discovery in order to completely evaluate the case and work out an effective defense strategy that can include filing for dismissal based on lack of evidence.

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