Determined Attorney Offering Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Services to Fargo-Moorhead Clients

If you’re struggling with heavy debts, it pays to fully understand your options for getting financial relief. We’ll tell you the facts about bankruptcy, put aside the fiction and let you know the actual benefits you can get from filing bankruptcy. When you hire O’Day Law Office, PC, we’ll give you all the details of what’s involved in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy as opposed to a Chapter 13 filing.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

A Chapter 7 eradicates most of your unsecured debts like credit cards and medical bills without having to repay them. Your approved Chapter 7 filing brings two immediate results. First, an “automatic stay” order goes into effect and immediately compels most creditors to cease collection efforts. Second, the court appoints a bankruptcy trustee to manage your case.


Your Chapter 7 trustee is charged with both reviewing your bankruptcy papers and selling your nonexempt property (property that your bankruptcy doesn’t protect) to repay your creditors. If you have no nonexempt property, your creditors receive nothing.


Chapter 7 bankruptcy is an ideal solution for low-income debtors. It can also work well for clients whose discharged debt amounts to more than the value of the property sold—letting the trustee use the funds to pay off the non-dischargeable debt like income tax or support arrearages. The Chapter 7 bankruptcy has a maximum income level—if your income exceeds that level, you must file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.


It’s up to you to take action to relieve your debt burden and get a fresh start. Our firm has got the experience you can depend on and knowledge you can rely on to get through this phase in your life.

At O’Day Law Office, PC, we’re ready to give you the information you need to decide whether a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing will work for you. We leverage the experience and knowledge you need to get beyond your financial stresses and get back on track. Call our office at (701) 298-9326 to schedule a consultation.